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Intentions = Results
The 12 Virtues
Intentions = Results IN ACTION
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The 12 Virtues

These 12 virtues are not consequences. They are values that you can CHOOSE to apply in your life right now. When applying these 12 virtues and making them HABIT in your life, you will begin to see how things around you will seem to change.
"The things of old will grow strangely dim...." Make a choice to adhere to these 12 virtues and you will see how opportunity will seem to just show up. Your respect value will go through the roof. You will be first in line when someone of accountability is sought.
I guarantee that things will be different!

Trustworthy - Do you have an honor that can be trusted? If you were to violate that honor by telling a lie or by cheating or by not doing exactly a given task when trusted by that honor, you may not be trusted for responsibility again for a very long time. You will have to earn that trust again!
Cheerful - Smile whenever you can. Your obedience to orders by a parent, a teacher, a boss or anyone in authority should be prompt and cheery. You should never shirk or grumble from hardships.
Helpful - You should always be prepared to give a helpful hand at any time, share in home duties or with chores, help injured persons, or even be called upon to save a life! You should go looking to bless someone every day by being helpful.
Clean - You should go out of your way to stay clean in both body and in thought. Stand for clean speech, stand for clean sport, stand for clean habits, and travel with a clean crowd.

Thrifty - You should never wontomly destroy property. Work faithfully, waste nothing, and make the best use of opportunities. You should save your money to pay your own way, be generous to those who are in need and be helpful to worthy objectives. Contribute to charity and if you go to church, be faithful in your tithes and offerings.
Reverent - Be reverent toward God. Be faithful in your religious duties and respect the sanctitiy of a worship service and always behave in a way that will not distract others while they worship.
Obedient - This is simple: Always obey parents and all those in authority over you.
Courteous - Be polite to ALL, especially to women, children, old people, and the weak and helpless.

Friendly - Be a friend. Don't focus on the difference, but focus instead on what is common between you and others in your group.
Loyal - Give loyalty to all to whom loyalty is due, your leaders, home, parents and family.
Brave - Have the courage to face danger in spite of fear and to stand up for what is right. Have the courage to stand up for the right against coaxings of friends or the jeers or threats of enemies, and defeat does not down you.
Kind - Be kind to everyone and to all animals. Do not kill or hurt any living creature needlessly, but strive to save and protect all harmless life.

These 12 virtues are not a magic pill that instantly changes everything to the best. But if you apply each of these virtues everyday into your very being, you will begin to see how opportunity and goodness seem to come your way.
"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve." You can apply these values to your life if you choose to do so. Intentions = Results.
Your grades will change. How parents and teachers and other leaders look at you will change. Your friends will even look at you with more respect!
Then you can finally be free from peer pressure and instead lead the crowd expecting all others to follow you. Your credibility will go up and you will be known as the person to go to when things need to get done!

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